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L & C Consulting Group

The main challenge was establishing a brand identity, showcasing business and personal consulting services as well as a channel to sell financial educational services. The website should attract new clients and improve the experience of existing ones while allowing a user-friendly  for the target audience of Latin entrepreneurs seeking to expand their businesses and financial well-being.
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In order to understand the company's identity, core values, and unique selling points, I conducted a branding workshop with the founding team.


After defining their target market  I tried to find similar products to what we were trying to create,  to get a better understanding of industry standards and what the user needed.
Competitor 1
logo mis propias finanzas
Competitor 2
logo fintelhub


I created a sitemap that would allow users to find relevant content with a nice visual flow, then sketched the wireframes
mockup of website

Hi-fi Design

After going through several rounds of feedback, testing, and iterations, I was finally able to apply the visual language, logo, imagery, and colors to the interface. It was a long process, but it was worth it to ensure the final product was visually appealing and coherent with the branding strategy.
mockup of website
website mockup
Webflow Dev
Live Website
"Throughout our work together, Paula has consistently exceeded my expectations. She not only possess a deep understanding of the thecnical side but also have an innate ability to bring concepts to life.I highly recommend Paula to anyone in search of a web designer who combines professionalism, talent, and a knack for turning ideas into stunning websites. Her work has been instrumental in elevating my online presence and brand. Thank you for your exceptional service!"
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Diana Cubides
Founder at L & C Consulting group
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